Hello friends. My name is Chris. I am a graphic / web designer. Basketball Junkie. Aspiring street photographer (designmojopluscamera.com) and face melting guitar shredder.

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Marilyn Monroe with a Rolleiflex camera

Land of Opportunity / Land of Corporations

Take street pictures because it hones your instincts for speed and for quick composition. But above all what you bring in your mind to the scene is what makes your picture. If you don’t read, if you don’t have discussions with enlightened friends, you do not get there. There is a saying about seeing: Only a few people can see but most people don’t even look. And that says a lot to me. You can only see if you have something in your mind to bring to the picture. The camera is just the least important adjunct to your ideas. Your observations are important because they’re you. The camera is just a gadget you can carry on in your hand or around your neck or on a tripod.

Fred Herzog

John Butler playing an acoustic version of his song ‘Ocean’. All I can say is, WOW!

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